PromoVet continues to provide resources that our members can trust because we recognize you are busy caring for clients and running your business. To that end, we are pleased to welcome First Financial Bank as a business partner! First Financial Bank is a leading national veterinary lender that understands the changing needs of vets, with a division built by DVMs and former business owners.  They are committed to building this partnership and supporting independent animal hospitals!

As you consider your financing needs to start a new clinic, expand your vet practice, acquire more locations, or purchase equipment, consider contacting First Financial Bank. FFB can customize their services, offer competitive rates, and provide flexible terms to help you achieve your goals. Your First Financial Bank loan officer will provide one-on-one services to identify your needs and manage your application throughout the lending process.  For more on FFB check them out on social media @TheVetLender or online at

Using First Financial Bank not only benefits your hospital, but our partnership also allows PromoVet in its efforts to advance your veterinary practice. To learn more about how First Financial Bank can assist you, please contact Schwanda Flowers @ Please mention that you are a PromoVet member for special consideration.

Download more information here.