Who is PromoVet?

PromoVet is a multi-state licensed veterinary wholesale distributor, selling all its pharmaceutical products at a discount to help the independent vet clinic save money.
What types of products does PromoVet offer?

PromoVet specializes in a wide range of veterinary products including vaccines, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick treatments, dewormers, antibiotics, and more, catering to the health and wellness needs of companion animals.
Are the products sold on PromoVet the same as those from primary distributors?

Yes, our products are identical to those offered by primary distributors. They come from the same manufacturers, ensuring consistency and quality, and are always fresh-dated for maximum efficacy.
How does PromoVet sell all its pharmaceutical products at a discount?

We make bulk buys and pass on most of the savings, reducing your everyday price and increasing your bottom line. We are a digital-first company which gives us maximum efficiency and lower overhead costs than our competitors.
How does PromoVet ensure product quality and freshness?

We maintain strict quality control measures to ensure all products are fresh and effective. We operate out of a human-grade pharmaceutical facility, ensuring our inventory is regularly monitored and updated to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality and freshness.
What are the shipping options and policies?

PromoVet offers various shipping options to meet your convenience. Temperature-controlled shipments, including vaccines and certain additional products, always ship next-day air. Non-temperature-controlled shipments are shipped ground, but customers have the option to ship next-day air for expediency. For vaccine orders above $650, next day air shipping is free. All ground shipments are free.
How can I contact PromoVet for support or inquiries?

For any support or inquiries, you can contact us through our web chat on PromoVet.vet, our support email address (support@promovet.vet) or our phone number (561-392-3327). We are committed to providing timely and helpful customer service.
What payment methods does PromoVet accept?

We accept a variety of credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, providing you with a seamless and secure shopping experience.
How does PromoVet protect customer information and privacy?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. PromoVet employs advanced security measures to protect your personal and payment information. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy section.
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