Welcome to PromoVet's Pharmacy Partnership Program


Bridging Pet Care with Convenience

At PromoVet, we understand the deep bond between pets and their families. That's why we’re excited to introduce our Pharmacy Partnership Program, designed to seamlessly integrate pet medication distribution into human pharmacies. Join us in revolutionizing pet care, making it more accessible, and providing a one-stop solution for pet owners.

Our Mission

To enhance the accessibility of pet healthcare by empowering pharmacies with a comprehensive range of quality pet medications. Together, we can ensure that pets receive the care they deserve, right where their families are: at their trusted local pharmacy.


Why Partner with PromoVet?

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Every Product Discounted

Easy-to-use online portal for hassle-free ordering and tracking.

Reliable delivery services ensuring timely stock replenishment.

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Competitive Advantage

Distinguish your pharmacy as a pet-friendly establishment.

Attract a wider customer base, including pet owners seeking convenience and reliability.

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Unmatched Quality and Variety

Access the most popular brand-name pet medications.

Rigorous quality assurance process to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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Support and Training

Comprehensive support materials and training sessions for your staff.

Expert assistance just a call or click away.


How It Works

Sign Up: Join our Pharmacy Partnership Program through a simple registration process.

Order & Stock: Access our extensive range of pet meds and place orders based on your needs.

Serve & Care: Provide pet owners with the convenience of picking up their pet's prescriptions alongside their own.