Prednisone 10 MG 100 CT Tabs

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Prednisone is a steroid hormone used to treat dogs with inflammation that stems from allergies, arthritis or other diseases such as Addisons. This corticosteroid can also help reduce the pain associated with inflammation.

Prednisone is indicated for the treatment of multiple conditions including adrenal insufficiency (Addisons disease); inflammation; autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, pemphigus, and some anemias; allergies including atopy; asthma; some cancers; and certain types of colitis and kidney diseases (nephrotic syndrome).

Possible Side Effects
Possible side effects include stomach upset and increased thirst, urination and/or appetite. Other adverse reactions include hair thinning, fatigue, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, sudden weight gain and panting. Extended use may induce diabetes or Cushings disease. 

Pets with systemic fungal infections, certain types of mange, stomach ulcers, Cushings disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes or heart disease should not take this medication. Pregnant and lactating pets should not take Prednisolone. Pets who are allergic to Prednisolone or similar medication should not be given this medication.

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